About The Developing Dev Newsletter

Newsletter for software engineers looking to grow their career. Aims to provide concise, helpful information that should fill the gaps for engineers that don’t have dedicated mentorship at work. Written by Staff Software Engineer, Ryan Peterman, who works at Instagram.

What to expect:

  • Info to fill dedicated mentorship gaps - I lacked a dedicated mentor when I started working. My career grew much faster once I was paired with a mentor. This newsletter helps fill in the gaps since there are many software engineers without dedicated mentors at work.

  • Actionable advice for early-to-mid level software engineers - Career advice often consists of generic advice like “do what you enjoy" or “always focus on learning”. This newsletter will cut out that fluff and tell you exactly the steps needed to grow.

  • Help with career direction - How do you know if you want to work on a product or infrastructure team? This newsletter provides the knowledge you need to answer questions about early career direction, even before gaining experience.

  • Concise and informative writing - The goal of my writing is to convey the most impactful information using the least words possible. This guarantees your time spent reading is worthwhile.

  • Monthly articles - I focus on quality over quantity. This newsletter will never be spammy — every published article will be worked on for many weekends and vetted before it's released.


Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@ryanlpeterman). Since my readership is pretty small I’m happy to respond to questions and comments about the content. Feedback that improves the content is always appreciated.


The developing.dev domain costs me $360 per year, and my unofficial goal is to break even in 2023. If you find my writing helpful, consider sending me a few dollars (my Venmo is “@salary” - no joke). I'll keep this goal tracker up to date:

Breakeven Goal Tracker - $0/360 as of Feb


Ryan Peterman
Software engineer @instagram helping close the gap for engineers without mentors. Writing about software engineering & career growth.