Newsletter that fills the gaps for engineers who don’t have dedicated mentorship in 5 minutes or less. Written by Staff Software Engineer, Ryan Peterman, who works at Instagram.

What to expect:

  • Info to fill mentorship gaps - I lacked a dedicated mentor when I started working. My career grew much faster once I was paired with a mentor. This newsletter helps fill in the gaps since there are many software engineers without mentorship at work.

  • Actionable advice for early-to-mid level software engineers - Career advice often consists of generic advice like “do what you enjoy" or “always focus on learning”. This newsletter will cut out that fluff and tell you exactly what you need to grow.

  • Readable in 5 minutes or less - The goal of my writing is to convey the most impactful information using the least words possible. This guarantees that your 5 minutes spent reading is worthwhile.

  • Weekly articles published on Friday mornings - I will publish on Friday mornings for reading convenience since there are less meetings that day.

Why I write this newsletter:

I worked for Amazon at a small satellite office after graduating college. I didn’t have mentorship and lacked information on how to become a better developer. My growth stalled completely.

After 8 months, I decided to change jobs and work at Instagram. I found a team that provided me with strong mentorship and technical growth. In 3 years I got promoted from new grad (IC3) to staff engineer (IC6). I got lucky to have had such wonderful mentorship at Instagram and aim to share that knowledge through this newsletter to help others who don’t have access to similar resources.

What Subscribers Are Saying:


You can reach out to me on Twitter, LinkedIn or reply directly to subscriber emails. Since my readership is pretty small I’m happy to respond to questions and comments about the content. Feedback that improves the content for the community is always appreciated.

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Filling the gaps for engineers who don’t have dedicated mentorship in 5 minutes or less. Written by a Staff Software Engineer @ Instagram


Staff software engineer @instagram helping close the gap for engineers without mentors. Writing about software engineering & career growth.