Great post Ryan!

My takeaway is that nobody cares about how many (or how little) hours you dedicate to something, but about your impact.

I'll try to apply to myself the idea of negotiating my level of investment in different workstreams. I never thought about it this way, instead, I was just jumping wherever I was needed.

I'd love to read more about how to make sure that your low level of investment in some workstream makes the most impact possible. I think it would be very easy to plan for that 20% time investment and when things go wrong you end up stretching yourself.

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"You can’t say no to everything but explaining why work isn’t impactful should help you get some time back."

Something I recently came across.

Though, I proposed a simpler solution than the complexity involved.

I should've instead asked what immediate value addressing tech debt in that situation would bring to customers compared to other work we got in place.

It's so easy to forget the customers in midst of hardcore engineering.

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I would like to add two links that may be of interest:

How to manage tasks as a product manager (or developer): https://www.leadinginproduct.com/p/how-to-manage-tasks-as-a-product

Prioritizing Quality, not Tasks alone: https://www.leadinginproduct.com/p/prioritizing-quality-not-tasks-alone

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