Ah, very interesting tip and advice, Ryan. I do agree with you generally that if you can show those n+2 behaviors early on it's a good thing, and it worked out for you without a doubt.

I'm glad you made the callout though to make sure you still have the n+1 behaviors down, and I'd take it a step further (which I think is implied in what you're saying) that you REALLY need to make sure the "n" behaviors are down.

I've been bitten by this in the past.

The advice you shared definitely resonates a lot though, and I think if you're thinking 2 levels ahead, it usually puts you in a different mindset on how you work and the impact you strive to get on a day-to-day. Great article!

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Loved the visualization! This behaviour also makes your promotion a 'no-brainer'. When you are just at the level/projects needed for the promotion, it may be dragged for far longer, as it's not 100% clear to everyone if you are ready.

When it's so obvious, it makes it easier for your manager to push for it.

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The images explain the point so clearly. Having a manager that supports this growth is great. It is always a two way street. If you do it the manager will be supportive after all you will land impact for the team.

It is great that you share your work hours openly. Even if someone does not take more projects sometimes it is necessary to invest in yourself to do well at work. That takes time and most often you need to invest your personal time outside of the 40 hour work week.

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In other words, to go to next level you need to put in extra hours and trade of your work life balance

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